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51/D, Amirbag R/A

Chattogram, Bangladesh

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Individual Account Feature:

  • Available for Resident Bangladeshi and Non-Resident Bangladeshi Individual Citizen around the World
  • Begin Instantly from anywhere in the World.
  • Use for Yourself
  • Keep Track of All Services in One Place
  • Instantly Print / Send Your Notarized Document(s) to your Recipients
  • Verify Notarized Document(s) / Executed Affidavit Online in minutes


  • You must have a Valid National Identification Number (NID) Card issued by Bangladesh Government OR NID Card / Passport for Non-Resident Bangladeshi Only, Your Photo, Registered Mobile Number and E-mail Address in order to proof your Identity.
  • You Must use Google's Chrome browser and have a Desktop Computer / Laptop in order to Notarize Document(s).
  • You also need an uninterrupted and secure good internet broadband connection e.g. Wifi or Ethernet connection or 4G or updated mobile data devices at least 15 mbps download and upload speed to cable internet or better in order to secure and ensure two way live audio-video web means virtual communication online.
  • You need pdf document viewer, like Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view signed pdf document.
  • You must have a Color Printer in order to print notarized document.
  • If you are not a parent / legal guardian, you must have legal consent and permission from parent / legal guardian of a minor in order to request service on behalf of a minor.